Point 20; A story plan

The story is based on showing a regular day of an average teenager with some typical features of rock’n’roll genre such as careless attitude to life and a simple wish for fun and play. The video timeline starts in the morning as the main character wakes up and then follows him meanwhile the daytime as he goes to school, comes back home, meets up with some friends etc. The video ends when the day is over so he goes to sleep.


Point 19; Key elements

The check list of things which should be included in the video to conform the expectations of the genre and of the audience:

  1. Musical instruments
  2. Most common attributes of the youth (trendy clothes, skateboards ets)
  3. Things associated with social protest (anarchy, communist or pacifist attributes)
  4. Atmosephere of joy and fun

As I looked through Andrew Goodwin’s theory of music videos I can say that his ideas can be applied to my video as well in terms of relationship between the song and the visuals and the technical aspect of the video.

Point 18;Research of the institutions

The only option to produce a music video for an unknown director, in my opinion, is either an idependent production company or indipendent record lable as major lables will not be interested in making and advertising any new stars because they already have their own stars.

The number of opportunities for exhibition of music videos are quite limitted but I think the only possible for me option is YouTube as it gives equal chances for all the artist, no matter how popular or unpopular they are, to express themselves and to share their work with all the world.

Point 17;How to attract audience

Being original and independent personalities people of the “Alternative” tribe  tend to oppose them to the pop-culture even though they are not afraid of following the general trends if they honestly agree with them. Rock and and rock’n’roll music appeared as a form of social protest to the pop-culter and within some time the became a part of that culture so I think this makes this kind of music interesting for members of the “Alternative” tribe.

Point 16; Perfect audience member

My perfect audience member belongs to the tribe “Alternative”. Members of that tribe tend to be quite unique and original. However they are not afraid of following the general trends as the Alternative segment is motivated by a need to be themselves.

Point 15; Audience research

According to my research people choose the music according to their own preferences as music in some ways presents their personality or it can even inspire them. Music video is a specific type music release and it is of course different from the other types. It mostly attracts the fanbase of a curtain band or artist who are interested in their creations of any kind, not only musical but visual as well . Music videos are not very convenient for listening as they require watching and paying constsant attention to the screen. So they are less popular then audio recordings.

Point 12; 9 key shots

I have chosen a famous song “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTWKbfoikeg&list=PL3485902CC4FB6C67&index=2

  1. 0:01 – First storyline (band performance)
  2. 0:18 – Second storyline (dancing janitor)
  3.  0:21 – Typical featers of rock\rock’n’roll video: school, teenagers, drums, guitars etc.
  4. 1:23 – Chorus part, emotional reinforcement, a man jumps in the crowd (another rock\rock’n’roll stereotype)
  5. 2:06 – The crowd comes to the improvised stage
  6. 2:50 – The dance of the crowd whichshows the rapture of the people (typical of rock videeos)
  7. 4:20 – singer breaks his guitar/emotional peak of the video (another rock cliche)
  8. 4:27 – end of the first storyline
  9. 4:31 – end of the second storyline

Point 11; Research of 2 videos

The first video is AC/DC’s ‘Hells Bells”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etAIpkdhU9Q&list=PL3485902CC4FB6C67&index=31

Cinematography: the video is made as a stage performance of the band so mostly mid-shots and wide shots are used to show the musicions in action (singing and playing). Sometimes close ups are used to put emphasis on their emotions.

Editing: as the song gets more emotional, the editing gets more and more dynamic.

Sound: diegetic sound only is used as the only location in the video is the stage where band is performing.

Mise-en-scene: props (instruments) and lighting are corresponding to the settings which is just the stage.

The second video is “Gimme All Your Lovin'” by ZZ Top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae829mFAGGE

Cinematoghraphy: various shots and angles are used however they do not serve to add something to the video apart from just telling the story.

Editing: quite fast as the video is full action.

Sound: both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds as part of the song is sung by the band who appear in the shots and part of it is sung behind the scene while the action in the video take place.

Mise-en-scene: props, costumes, settings and lighting are very bright and colourful in order to show the joy and playfulness of the video.